EducationWorld-C fore Survey of India's Most Respected Schools 2011

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1. Downolad EW-C fore India's Most Respected Schools Survey 2011 Questionnaire.

2. The Principal should sign the filled questionnaire.

3. Incase of any clarification please contact: .....
Ph: 080-22480880

4. Please send the completed questionnaire along with school brochure by 30th July, 2011 to the following address:


703-704, 7th Floor,
Devatha Plaza,
132 Residency Road,
Bangalore – 560 025.
Email: educationworld@vsnl.net
Ph: 080-22480880
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Cover Story
Public Education: PPP Blueprint

In Kozhikode, Kerala — India’s most literate state — a tripartite public-private partnership between an MLA, municipal corporation and the Faizal & Shabana Foundation (estb. 2012) offers an inspirational model for the revival of India’s failing government schools

1106 Views | 5 Comments | Posted on: 8 Jul,2014
Special Report
Delhi University’s FYUP Disaster

The landslide victory of the BJP in General Election 2014 has torpedoed the top-ranked DU’s four-year undergraduate programme introduced last June, with all its 64 affiliated colleges compelled to revert to traditional three-year courses

894 Views | 4 Comments | Posted on: 8 Jul,2014
Institution Profile
Niraj International School, Hyderabad

The latest new genre school promoted in Hyderabad, NIS offers a carefully conceptualised mix of IBO and CBSE curriculums

942 Views | 3 Comments | Posted on: 7 Jul,2014
Expert Comment
Education reform agenda for Modi sarkar

J.S. Rajput is former director of the National Council for Educational Research and Training and the National Council for Teacher Education

863 Views | 7 Comments | Posted on: 8 Jul,2014
Career Focus
Exciting challenges for orthopaedic specialists

With over half the country’s population suffering rheumatism and degenerative disorders, the demand for orthopaedists/orthopaedic surgeons is rising

868 Views | 2 Comments | Posted on: 8 Jul,2014
Leisure & Travel
Ladakh’s unconventional attractions

With some of the highest motorable roads worldwide, a close-up experience of the Himalayas, high-altitude lakes, and primeval wilderness with miles of solitude, the charms of Ladakh are unique

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