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Cover Story
Disastrous Industry-Academia Disconnect

For the paradox of an acute shortage of skilled personnel and a rising tide of unemployed youth which defines the Indian economy, the country’s academy is increasingly — and rightly — being faulted

311 Views | 0 Comments | Posted on:12 Jul,2016
Special Report
Long March for Minority Status

While the Supreme Court has stayed an Allahabad high court judgement which has struck down the minority status of AMU, the Central government’s withdrawal from the appeal is being interpreted as the BJP/NDA government’s betrayal of the Muslim community

226 Views | 0 Comments | Posted on:13 Jul,2016
Institution Profile
Fr. LeBlond School, Bhimbhar

Sited in the educationally under-served Bhimbhar suburb of Siliguri in Darjeeling district, Fr. LeBlond School has earned an excellent reputation for values-based affordable residential education

314 Views | 0 Comments | Posted on:12 Jul,2016
Expert Comment
American carpetbagger & Hindu revivalist

Rajiv Desai is president of Comma Consulting and a well-known Delhi-based columnist

213 Views | 0 Comments | Posted on:12 Jul,2016
Career Focus
New dawn for K-12 teachers

Once the refuge of graduates who couldn’t land a job in any other white collar vocation, primary-secondary teaching has undergone a sea change

248 Views | 0 Comments | Posted on:13 Jul,2016
Eyewitness Report
Vidyodaya Model School, Gudalur

Deep within the Gudalur valley, bounded by the Mudumalai, Wyanad and Bandipur tiger reserves, the Viswa Bharati Vidyodaya Trust has developed a school which is attracting the neglected children of Adivasi tribes into primary education

715 Views | 0 Comments | Posted on:13 Jul,2016

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