EducationWorld-C fore Survey of India's Most Respected Schools 2011

Please Note

1. Downolad EW-C fore India's Most Respected Schools Survey 2011 Questionnaire.

2. The Principal should sign the filled questionnaire.

3. Incase of any clarification please contact: .....
Ph: 080-22480880

4. Please send the completed questionnaire along with school brochure by 30th July, 2011 to the following address:


703-704, 7th Floor,
Devatha Plaza,
132 Residency Road,
Bangalore – 560 025.
Email: educationworld@vsnl.net
Ph: 080-22480880
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Cover Story
10 Quick-fix Solutions to Mend Indian Education

Against a depressing backdrop of the country’s education system stewing in a full-blown but unacknowledged crisis, EducationWorld presents solutions which if expeditiously translated into action could accelerate overdue reform of early childhood, primary, secondary and higher education in 21st century India

292 Views | 3 Comments | Posted on: 9 Nov,2015
Special Report
Social Inclusion: Delhi Schools Show the Way

Although in most states of the Indian Union, implementation of s. 12 (1) (c) of the RTE Act is at best nominal, in the national capital territory of Delhi compliance is an astonishing 92 percent — the highest countrywide

289 Views | 2 Comments | Posted on: 9 Nov,2015
Institution Profile
Inventure Academy, Bangalore

IA is perhaps India’s most Multiple Intelligences-focused school, personally endorsed by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor at the Harvard School of Education and developer of MI theory

512 Views | 1 Comments | Posted on: 9 Nov,2015
16th Anniversary Essays
Grim harvest of failed education system

Rajiv Desai is president of Comma Consulting and a well-known Delhi-based columnist

199 Views | 0 Comments | Posted on: 9 Nov,2015
Career Focus
Software product development

There’s great excitement, satisfaction and learning opportunities in this high-value IT profession. It’s also a great training ground for start-up entrepreneurs

461 Views | 1 Comments | Posted on: 9 Nov,2015
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