EducationWorld-C fore Survey of India's Most Respected Schools 2011

Please Note

1. Downolad EW-C fore India's Most Respected Schools Survey 2011 Questionnaire.

2. The Principal should sign the filled questionnaire.

3. Incase of any clarification please contact: .....
Ph: 080-22480880

4. Please send the completed questionnaire along with school brochure by 30th July, 2011 to the following address:


703-704, 7th Floor,
Devatha Plaza,
132 Residency Road,
Bangalore – 560 025.
Email: educationworld@vsnl.net
Ph: 080-22480880
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Educationworld India Preschool Rankings 2014

Since September, 200 C fore field researchers have quizzed 2,332 SECA (socio-economic category A) young parents and 795 principals and teachers to rate 173 unitary pre-primaries in ten cities countrywide across ten parameters of early childhood care and education excellence

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Good Shepherd International School, Ooty

An unapologetically legacy boarding school with strong emphasis on pomp, circumstance and conservative values, GSIS has set its sights on competing with the best residential schools worldwide

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RTE Act lunacies and lacunae

Dr. Geeta Kingdon is chair of education economics and international development at the Institute of Education, University of London

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Brave new vistas for space scientists

This sunrise industry has room for youth with electrical and mechanical engineering, IT, physics, maths and aerospace engineering qualifications

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